I currently offer exclusive Health & Wellness experiences in Melbourne on a limited basis. These one-day experiences include everything you could wish for in a perfect day, professionally curated and tailored to suit your personality and desires.



Part of the day will be spent indulging in wellness experiences to engage all your senses and calm your body and mind. Think massages, spas, Turkish baths, pedi and manicures, facials, shopping trips to the fitness store for our workout later, etc.
The choice will be yours - I will curate each individual experience based on your preferences, only selecting the highest quality and best experiences available to us.


Next, we will make sure to satisfy your taste buds. Food is one of the most important factors in health and wellbeing, so we will visit and eat at Melbourne's best restaurants and cafes. I will advise you on which food choices to make for optimum health, how to choose nutritious, high-quality dishes, and what foods will make you feel amazing.




Exercising is part of any great looking and feeling body. Life is about balance, so we will incorporate physical activities into our day that are fun. We will focus on moving your body in a way that fits your genetics, preferences, and is enjoyable to you. Exercising will empower you, leaving you with confidence and big bursts of energy. 
Usual training activities range from yoga, resistance training and pilates to long walks, swimming and boxing.

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