Street Philosophies: Finding your path

Finding your path can mean many things to many different people. Some might literally think of getting directions to go somewhere, others might associate religion and spirituality with it, and then there are those of us who straight away connect it with that entrepreneurial part in our mind. I was curious to know what it really means to all those different people out there with different backgrounds and stories. So I wandered the streets of Melbourne, took a few pictures, and conducted some mini interviews.

What does finding your path mean to you?

Joseph & Davy, musicians:

"It’s a very deep question. It’s about just doing something, and figuring it out. You’ve just got to do it. Do what you love and keeping on doing it."

"Yes, that’s very important, I agree. Sticking to it. The rest kind of comes. If you’re talking about a career, if you do what you love there’s always gonna be a way to make money from it if you invest enough time and practise."

Simone, youth worker:

"For me, it’s finding something that brings you joy, but then also finding something that isn’t just about me. It’s about passing on your love and joy, in whatever way possible, as much as you possibly can."

Quentin, Architect:

"I literally just thought of getting directions to go somewhere. Otherwise you might find your path if you’re religious. To shape my path I would ask people to help and guide me."

Elodie & Rachid, waitress & kitchen hand:

"For me it is about finding something you really want to do. You have to work every day, but if you do something you like, it’s like you never work. I love waitressing because you get to meet people from all around the world."

"Finding your path means to be happy. First of all you have to know what you want. To me the way to find it is to look around."

I'm still curious - what does finding your path mean to you?