Hey there!

My name is Helena, I’m a holistic health coach for women, specialising in training and nutrition in line with hormonal health. I believe that optimal, long-term health and wellbeing can only be achieved by creating a lifestyle that’s enjoyable and sustainable, so my aim is to help you feel and look great for the rest of your life.

My mission is to redefine women’s views on health and fitness. I help you navigate through the overwhelming, and often confusing, amount of health and fitness info out there, so you can become aware of nutrition and training mistakes a lot of people make and avoid them yourself. I want you to feel empowered. I share science-backed training and nutrition facts, which actually work to get you the body you want, and that truly make a difference to your wellbeing and energy levels. You’ve likely been conditioned to believe a multitude of fitness and nutrition myths over the years, so it can be hard to choose from the information overload on these topics out there. I want you to know the reality of health and fitness, so that you can feel in control and confident about what works and what doesn’t.

You won’t find any quick-fix fitness tips, magic pill or fad diets on here. I’m all about balanced nutrition consisting of fresh, organic whole foods, combined with strength training, incorporated in line with your hormones for optimum health, fitness and wellbeing. When you live a lifestyle that’s healthy and supports your hormones, you will have plenty of natural energy to do all the things you want to, and FEEL AND LOOK AMAZING.

Here are a few key things to know about me, my coaching and the content I share:

I advocate a diet consisting of a wide variety of clean, unprocessed natural food - whole foods basically. If you eat a lot of different, fresh, nutritious food you most likely won’t need any (or many) supplements for your body to function properly and to feel great.

Moderation is key. You don’t have to obsess about fad diets, or cut out any foods you really love. If you eat right 80% of the time, you can “go crazy” with the other 20%. I still eat out a few times a month and enjoy it every time, without compromising my health or looks.

I don’t believe in counting calories or macronutrient ratios. While a lot of fitness gurus tell you to keep meal plans to achieve your training goals, I’m all about doing things that you can keep up for the rest of your life. Eating and training right shouldn’t be something you do short-term for quick results. If you really want to feel great and be healthy for the rest of your life, turn this into a lifestyle that nourishes your body and make it your natural way of living. So, being realistic, diets, calorie counting and meal plans don’t work for me in the long-run. (Although there is a place for them if you’re just starting out, if done right).

Instead, take the time to prepare fresh food, sit down and be present when you eat, give your body what it naturally craves to function optimally, eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full. Make eating simple again.

No alcohol. As I mentioned above, you don’t need to cut out anything completely, but I personally don’t ever drink alcohol anymore. There are way too many severe negative side-effects of consuming alcohol, affecting your hormones, health, and training efforts.

My story:

I’m a happy, positive and optimistic person, so this space is focused on what works, what’s enjoyable and delicious, and adds positive benefits to your life.

My background is in photography - I studied documentary photography at the University of the Arts in London, then got into food and lifestyle photography as a freelancer, ran photography and Pinterest workshops, and ran a content marketing agency with a friend back in London. When I moved to Melbourne I published an online magazine on unconventional business, people and stories. I’ve only ever had one “real” job, which I quit again after 3 months. Being creative, free-spirited and doing my own thing is the only path I can imagine to go in life, and I totally encourage you to challenge what you’re “supposed” to do as well. Think unconventionally and go after what you want!

A lot of women set health goals around losing weight. They follow the common, ineffective method of eating less, then trying to burn fat by running on the treadmill or grinding on an exercise bike. I understand and sympathise, because this is exactly where I started my journey. In fact, I ran for 9 years, thinking I was taking positive actions for my health, and have had many different relationships with food over that time.
When I moved to Australia in 2015, I started seeing a gynaecologist to sort out issues with my cycle. Her most immediate concern however wasn’t the issue I had come to her for, it was the fact that I had been running for 9 years. The irony was, my efforts to be fit and healthy were actually having a detriment to my overall health. Now, not only did my limited knowledge of what healthy eating and exercise really meant put me at great risk of joint and cardiovascular problems, it also threw off my hormonal balance and created unnecessary internal stress, showing up as a number of symptoms.

My health journey took a turn when I first started to learn about the role of hormones in our body. I began experimenting on myself by incorporating food, exercise and lifestyle changes. I switched to strength training instead of running, and started eating a varied diet rich in nutrients. After only a month I saw results, sorted out my cycle issues, and looked better than ever before. As a result I felt more confident in my body, learned to overcome mental challenges, and had more energy to achieve my goals.

This space is for sharing all the knowledge and I've acquired along the way. If you’ve got any questions, want to have a chat, meet up, talk about collaborations or working with me, please get in touch.