Newfound is an online magazine on health, wellbeing, and sustainable living. It focuses on clean and nutritious food, fitness and living a holistic and conscious lifestyle.

Hi there, I’m Helena. If I am to introduce myself in the usual way I’m a food, lifestyle and documentary photographer. In a more unconventional way I love to eat healthy (and vegetarian) food and believe in the healing and energising power of nutritious, natural, and mostly plant-based foods. I exercise regularly (specifically weightlifting and yoga), and try my best to live a holistic, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle.

I want for all of us to love our bodies and to care for them. I believe that by creating a healthy life we can live up to our full potential by feeling great and making the best use of the energy we get through being healthy. We can then use our unique skills and strengths to create positive change in the world, which also leads to more fulfilling and empowered lives.

I encourage unconventional thinking and going after the things you know you want and can do. I’ve personally never had a “real” job and I don’t think you have to if that’s not what feels right for you. I love questioning assumptions and learning how other people live the lives that they feel inspired to live. I believe in continuously challenging ourselves to grow and learn, to stay open-minded, and to take positive action rather than dwell on problems.
So apart from writing about good food, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle, I also interview unconventional entrepreneurs, and like-minded brands and people from time to time. They are always people who live a sustainable life and share the same values of a natural, simple, conscious, mindful, holistic and beautiful lifestyle.

My story with food and healthy living

There are lots of healthy food, lifestyle and nutritionist blogs already out there - I agree with a lot of them, e.g. eating unprocessed, plant-based, whole foods, not becoming obsessive or counting calories, staying balanced, and eating mindfully.
I’m coming from a little different perspective though - it not only matters what types of food we eat, but also when and in what combination we eat them - especially for women. Healthy food and a healthy body includes looking after our hormones. Here’s how I’ve come to that conclusion:

I’ve always lived a reasonably healthy lifestyle and have always loved good, unprocessed food. However, about a year ago I had some hormone-related health issues and really started to look into how a change in lifestyle and adjustments to the foods I ate could make a difference.
I ended up learning so much about my body, listening to how it felt and recognising where it was at, and the types of foods that could heal it. As a result I gained lots of energy and feel more excited than ever about sharing the power of nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle, and want to inspire you to have the same empowering experience. This is just the short version. If you want to learn more, have a look at this blog post.

Other things I do

When I’m not blogging I spend my days working with like-minded brands and people, photographing food and creating lifestyle images that tell a story. My background is in photojournalism & documentary photography, so I’ve always been passionate about creating natural photos that communicate a story in an honest way.
I also always make time to go to the gym, do yoga, and prepare food. After experiencing the power of the right food on my own body it’s become a natural part of my life.
Apart from sharing content on this blog I also love Pinterest and consult creative/lifestyle brands and people on how to successfully use Pinterest to grow a business.

A bit more on my background

Before I started Newfound and moved to Melbourne, I lived in London where I started a content marketing agency called The Magic Elephant, and published an online magazine on the thinking behind brands with my back then co-founder.
I also used to write another blog where I shared photography advice in an easy-to-understand, non-technical way and ran photography workshops.

How we can work together

I’m passionate about creating community. Having been a creative solopreneur for a while I know how hard it can be to connect with like-minded people, even if we all seem to talk on social media. Sometimes it’s nice to be around those people who “get you” in person. I always love organising and running events and workshops that bring like-minded people together. If you share the same vision of a healthy life and love good food, we can chat about collaborating in regards to creating community and running workshops.

I also love working with brands and people that share my values of sustainability, conscious living, a natural and holistic lifestyle and looking after our bodies. If you’re looking for photography and content creation, I’m your girl.

Need some help getting started on Pinterest? Totally up for that as well. I love Pinterest and have used it for years, so I can share all the tips and tricks of how to grow your audience and build your brand.

Lastly, if you’ve got some great content to share and are looking to collaborate, let me know what you’ve got in mind. I’m always happy to chat about sponsorship or contributing to this blog. On the other hand, I also regularly contribute articles to other blogs and magazines and would love to hear from you if you’d like to work together.

Oh, and if there’s anything else that’s on your mind, please reach out and say hello.